Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bob Harris Country

on radio 2 on thursdays from 7 til 8 is my new best mate.

seriously. i've forsaken dinner to listen to it.

the be good tanyas amongst other offerings. Can't wait for full set list tomorrow

my dad thinks it's hilarious that i'm listening to Whisperin' Bob Harris

my mum says she associates him with John Peel. Kind of suprising in one respect given that the Margrave of Marshes has sadly left this mortal coil whilst the whispering continues.

was mildly gutted (for me not him) to learn that Zane Lowe is married.
not that even my tiny mind harboured thoughts in that direction (stalkerville, illinoise) but more on the lines of 'shucks, all the interesting music nuts blokes in the world are already taken' way.
which was even more confusing because i'm not normally on a 'when will i be loved' kick.
i think it's a)impending birthdayness
b) impending babyness from former amigo
c) fast track relationship from manager leading to large princess cut diamond engagement ring, new flat and impending baby, all in one year
d) marriage of uni mate

feel like a lot of boxes on my cosmic chart are remaining not only unticked but rather unlooked at and indeed being deemed irrelevant for me in the grand scheme. see and i didn't even know that til it suddenly popped out my fingers.

Shucks. i thought i was just talking about country music. Heck, this is what happens when you let some good honest music in. it feeds the soul.

right, back to wondering if this blooming room service is ever coming.

Josh Ritter - he's most excellent by the way

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