Thursday, December 07, 2006

Scalpers, touts and general bandwaggon jumpers

who are you, you pestilant folk who prey on people who like bands?

how can it be that i can't get tickets for Kings of Leon in the regular way but if i want to pay hundreds of pounds to someone that had no interest in the band or attending themselves, i can get tickets in a twinkling. there's no way something with a face value of £20 twenty minutes ago is suddenly worth upwards of £80.
i wouldn't pay that for Dolly at the Albert Hall, not coz she ain't worth it but just coz i don't have that kind of cash to blow.

people who prey on other people's dreams. i can't be doing with 'em.

suffice it to say though that i may well end up liner some scuzzy scalpers pocket on the night, coz it's KOL, what can i do?

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