Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Big foot

it is a funny world in which we live.
when one of your pals schleps around your living room in your kitten heels, killing herself with laughter coz you've got bigger feet.

when i say killing herself with laughter, Dodo sounded like Muttley on a very dastardly pigeon catcher of a day and yeah, there was a huge gap flapping about at the back of said shoes.

this was past on to the Ceebers, who also found it hilarious in her pigmy footbound way.

there was much talk of my VASTness of foot.
i feel Shrek-esque and may have to chuck a collassal shoe at the pair of them, with their size Zero foot fascism.

there is nowt better than watching someone bust some hoe-down moves in your shoes, as if they were clown ones, nearly crying with laughter. in their smart work clothes.

there may also have been singing of songs from Calamity Jane... but sady i have no sound clips of that

1 comment:

dodo said...

ooh - i have those shoe pictures that we sent to Cee. they shurly shall be posted?