Wednesday, June 06, 2007

black eye

only vaguely but still
hilariously, i mentioned it to Jase and he assumed someone had given me a back hander, which must mean he himself was once tempted....

but the truth is less glamorous. So sick have i been that i lost consciousness in my own bathroom on Sunday evening and clobbered my head on the wall.
always nice to pass out on tiles.
i laid there for a bit, crying to myself, feeling cold and weak and pathetic.
and then i had to sort myself and the floor out.

it was a bit of a farce - i was part way through changing my sheets and getting out summer clothes so i ended up in my sleeping bag under my coverless duvet, doing very hot and sweety and utterly cold and clammy and puking into my own bin and trying to negotiate the mammoth distance between my room and the bathroom, which seemed like an utter marathon
i didn't really appreciate my nice bump until yesterday as monday passed in a haze of bathroom, bedroom, sleep sleep.
i still look like i've been in a fight, which is nice.
hey ho.
right. on with the next thing


dodo said...

am kissing it better XXXX

HerImperialMajesty said...

thank you missus

i was quite the missus pathetic.
and oddly enough today i've got a fair bit of tummy pain again but NOTHING like the weekend.
thank the lord!

HerImperialMajesty said...

that's Sith Lord, VADER