Friday, June 15, 2007

the buff red head list - initial findings

Eric Stoltz has long been on the list
Josh Homme is on the list

Jason Flemying is the best Brit on the list, followed Paul Bettany.
Daniel Craig in Bond fitness could go on the list if he would confess to NOT being blond at all really.

there are more, way more. i'll keep ya posted.

in real world terms, i am fortunate enough to know a host of wondrous red heads - you know who you are

i've also laid lips to a few
there was the younger brother of an amigo in the university years. in my defence, he had stated that he was her OLDER brother. and tongues was as far as it went.
then came the glorious Australian who had muscles, could draw, was sporty, and funny and spoke fluent French, hell he was even tantric.
but i was on the
so i kinda sorta blew that one
and then there was the Basque one, who is still one of the best dancers ever and was a New York fling...
and now there's Cinnamon Boy

red heads are yummy

here's the hilariuos thing tho
CB asked me if i was a red headed child, as if i may have a bit of fiery side (snicker)...
and i was...

sadly it's darkened down now
but as my freckled arms attest

You can't keep a good Ginger down..

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