Friday, June 29, 2007

the tedious predictability of life

aint it grand when

after texting you a couple of times a day and even progressing towards salacious in the final few texts
you text coz you're back in the country and someone could put pay to what they say

and then go
'did i text you then?'

and it all goes ominously silent

it makes you think a few things
thank goodness i've taken my week away to reflect on the fact that 18 months on from original goes with this man, it still ain't going anywhere
and also
the fly boy that i actually met in the flesh last week was rather appealling instead of just annoying.
we were drinking tea in the swank lounge of a premier property at 2am the other day and it was all rather agreeable

i have since seen photos of him in swimwear. not half bad...
ahh the fickleness.

when i read back over earlier posts, i may indeed have been hoist with my own petard or something similar.
that is a swank way of saying 'thinking with my groin'.
still, no one's perfect eh?

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dodo said...

you're my perfect bezzie x