Friday, July 13, 2007

techno geek?

so i ordered my new phone.
here was my thinking:

oooo it's shiny
and oooo it's purple

and hmm, i bet it takes better pictures than my camera.

but when i said 'i'm getting a new phone'
to a couple of folk, i was BOMBARDED with 'what sort'
and then a ton of info on it and what it can do and all that jazz.

it would seem it's more of a computer than a phone and it will store more music than my ipod and 3 hours of video if i want and it takes fabulous photos.

Or it WILL do all of those things when i know how to work it.

i'm being dissed now for reading the manual....

but all i want is some quality pictures of the Kings of Leon tonight.
watch this space....

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