Monday, September 10, 2007

Battlestar Carrot Cake and delicious weekend treats

a long time ago someone told me that a lost kiss is better than a stolen one
it's romantic claptrap but it resonated, not because i'm a kiss stealer but sometimes the knowledge that there was the possibility of some other occurence is deeply satisfying.
so it is that i'm very pleased today all because on SAturday, when i was meeting some of my girlies for mass catch ups, my presence was desired else where. why i even think i might have been missed. Grin grin.
truth be told, i would have rearranged and rejigged my girly plans to hang out with Cinnamon Boy in a heart but i didn't and somehow it's all grand anyway.

but enough of smiling sappily about how cute he sounded eating Wotsits down the phone.
i got more battlestar galatica. they are pikey gits and there were only three episodes on disk 2.
Gimme more more more, you Cylon rascals.

and the church in Southwark has very good, though some what skank rip off priced, carrot cake. yummy

and there's a boat taht you can go and play pirates on later this month, whoop whoop.

and there's something fabulous about old mates.
be they house selling and buying, or doing PhDs in sustainability, or returning from Indianapolis to set up their own v. successful guitar selling website, or just generally still being just as cute and adorable on the outside and in as they were when you used to play which them in the pub car park when you were 3.

check out the sunshine of the last days of summer and smile to yourself and think 'this might really all work out'.
coz you might just be right

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dodo said...

hey pollyannacheesefestchick, you been swiping my happy pills?