Wednesday, September 26, 2007

i said i want HONEY

no, not in a poo bear kind of a way.

Nectar, those point type people/reward card loyalty bods, have sent me something entitling me to a treat.

Cue large list of treats.
i decide, even though i quite like the idea of golf lesson on them, that i'll ask for a back massage coz i'm a bit creaky.

voucher comes through - sorry we couldnt give you what you wanted. but here's something else you might like - free tour of a football stadium.

negative banking of customer there. it's a bit of a leap. Massage - sports massage - stadium tour?
so i've called to complain.
coz it's not really a treat if it bears no relation to what you actually wanted, now is it?

they will call back and i will keep you posted!

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dodo said...

what progress on this?