Wednesday, September 05, 2007

realities of my world today

as ways to start the day go, jerking awake with tears running down your face and the urge to scream is one to miss.
no, freddy kruegger wasn't eviscerating me in my dream, although that is what it feels like. Agony isn 't anything I wanted to be acquainted with, thanks.
and painkillers for breakfast aren't a nutritious start to the day, although actually being able to move enough to go and get them is a better start.
but on behalf of my adhesiveised organs (Bushism gone wild), i'd just like to say OUCH. morning has indeed broken.

it's weird but on these days, when i put my ipod on and sigh to myself, Daniel Beddingfield (eeek, i know, know) singing 'gotta get thru this' comes on.
it's tooo hilarious to me.

PS for anyone who thinks i'm maxing out on the chronic condition thing, i'm not. it hurts, ow, deal. but it's so nice to know that i'm not a loon and i'm not imagining it and that there is a problem. i feel like i could do anything again.
Just not first thing this morning ;o)

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