Monday, October 22, 2007

through a glass, darkly

i guess that's how we view the past

but i'm trawling it nonetheless.
i was never the cool kid at school and it never really occured to me coz i was only really interested in my people and it all worked out ok really, i always had someone to sit with and people to hang with and stuff worked out pretty well in the end.

and the reason facebook is so bloody addictive to me is that i am genuinely interested in what the hell happened to these people, which whom no doubt all i have in common a street full of pubs in a Derbyshire town about ten miles up the road from where i'm from.

is it all just a weird way of trying to reconnect to my roots now that i know that that i really am the last dragon (will return to this random assertion later).

who cares. it's blimming fascinating.
they always were a random bunch and they've not changed.

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