Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas film time

this morning is my last morning in work this year. Whoope.
sadly, the fine ladies that sit at desks with me finished yesterday so i'm in splendid isolation in our icebox open plan. all is silence but for the rumblin of the woefully inadequate state of the art air con that allegedly does hot in the winter time.

this avo i'm going to high tail it outta here and high to the market, hoping for last minute pressies of glory, and then into various games emporiums for possible goodies for Nintendo DS, finally found and purchased in the wonder that its Deutschland and then on to the cinema.
where i'm going to watch St Trinian's. A) because of remembered glories - the old films where a must (I'm such a huge Alistair Sim fan - even though i often try and make it be Alec Guiness in my mind) b) i love the Ronald Searle cartoons, even more now i know he drew them for PD James and his sister when they went to all girls boarding school c) Talulah is in it as one of the girls d) Rupie Everett taking on the head mistress mantel e) Russell Brand as Flash Harry

it may well be a load of old tosh but that's all i ask from my Christmas films.
the habit was instigated by my mate Andy Smith when we lived in France and went to see the Santa Clause (ha ha. fabulous in French, not so good in English, but somehow funnier now that the elf, Bernard, is in Numbe3rs, that ludicrous 'math is everywhere' programme that's trying to be CSI). the caveat is that it pretty much has to be a kids film that you go and see on a matinee but WITHOUT children. thus causing vague discomfort to the cinema people about your taste.

Top o' the season to ya

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