Wednesday, February 27, 2008

crying at the tv parts 1, 2 AND 3

Part One
Idly flicking through the channels, I came across Jack Duckworth, the Coronation Street stalwart, clearing out the clothes of dearly departed long suffering wife Vera, who in the show has just died but in real life Liz Dawn has emphesema (sic) and can't work anymore, so it was doubly poignant for me (as all debilitating lung diseases with no cure are a trigger).
He offered Emily Vera's clothes for the charity shop and then he smelled her favourite cardie. I was welling up, believe you me.

Part Two
Blade the Series. Hmm. the jury's still out but i really like the Krista character.
However, she turned her dying mother into a vampire so that she could live forever and be free of her cancer. The results however are highly volatile and really rather hungry.
So I guess I'm better off hoping for a) a large lottery win that permits me to buy organs for my poppa b) the miracle of a match from the transplant list (no less of a long shot, believe you me).(I'll blog on this one later. the stats make for a sad read).

Part Three
Max and OB bidding farewell to one another now that OB's succumbed to the big city and the delights of Summer, the new Maria. it was most excellent and for me theirs has been one of the best screen friendships ever.

But blub tastic.

So. I really need to get out more. I also still need to complete at least one segment of my assignment but there we go.
I'm going to knuckle down this evening, in between baking muffins. then hopefully i can just top and tail on the weekend.

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