Thursday, February 14, 2008

a short few words on rage

it dawned on me, finally, that the outta control rage/despair thing comes with the being on the pill thing and i decided that as it hasn't:
a) made me feel fabulous by getting rid of all my endo pains and woes
b) cleared up my skin
c) regulated my mammoth monster menstruation issues

i will indeed stop taking it.

this will benefit me in two ways
1) I can stop having to remember it or indeed remember that i've forgotten it
2) the evil 1/2 stone that came with it can just get off my booty post-haste.

the departure of some of my bootyliciousness will in turn make me feel more like climbing into lycra running leggings for an early morning wobble (that's what we'll be calling jogging for the short term) seem like a possibility

in the meantime, i'll continue to make eye contact with an impossibly slender Davina on the cover of an as yet unplayed work out video.

But now: tentempié
fresh raspberries, greek yoghurt, proper maple syrup.
come on. how healthy yet delish is that?

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