Monday, March 31, 2008


i'm considering going out to buy an icecream which seems faintly non sensical, considering how chilly i am. but there you go.
I'm cold to the bone.
i'm about to go and dry my hair some more and put some socks on. how thrilling i am to read today hey?

Ah well. Endo. it gobbles your ability to do much of anything. it even makes you not bothered about watching battlestar galactica. me. who'd've thunk.

right. on with the warmer making
i hear birds tweeting and it'll still be light at half seven. gotta love that clock moving thing.
even if every year i get it wrong.

and then everyone says to me 'spring forward, fall backwards'. like i wouldn't do that if i only grasped what it was telling me.

my mobile auto updated and that totally put me off. it's making me think of the terry pratchett book where he says about not trusting things that are clever than you when you can't see where their intelligence is.
and my phone is definitely off the chart smart. hmmmmm.

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