Sunday, March 16, 2008

red kryptonite

it makes Clark come out with the stuff that's been lurking.

apparently for me it's Corona and lime, the hours between 1 and 3 and answering the phone when i know better.
but hey. no harm, no foul and i bizarrely feel much better after unleashing in the dark down the wire.

My conclusion has been:
Be nicer to yourselves, folks.
after all, hopefully we're doing our best, most of the time.

and also, the blinding cliche
some stuff just doesn't work out, no matter how nice it was or how hard you tried on it.

and now, back to chocolate eating and looking up Battlestar Galactica trivia on the net.
PS i'm only on series 2 so don't go breaking my heart. I miss the good old days when you rushed home for your programme and no one could tape it and it would be on plus 1 or plus 2 and it wouldn't be repeated 5 other timest that week and it wouldn't come out on DVD box set with extras the next morning.

Waiting. it's a good thing.

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