Wednesday, March 19, 2008

yet more

reasons to be chirpy

a) tomorrow's the last day before the long weekend of easterness.

b) lunch with Ms Kandiah - lebanese yummies, free humous and flat bread and olibs (green, if you like that sort of thing - where is goddaughter P when i need her munching skills. Although i'm not sure that wheat free me would've wanted to share the flat bread. it was YUMBLES, but now i'm a total pod person)

c) scones for tea with Ali later on. and i actually felt good and not like moping at her. huzzah.
i think it's coz sunshine and blue sky crept into my bedroom this morning.
i'm hoping it will again tomorrow and that it might provoke an early morning waddle around the block.

d) i LOVE recommendations. even for stuff that i don't like they hold a power for me because they stem from someone's passion for a thing.
hence DR Adams, or Doc, as we'll be calling him from now on, recommended poetry today from Mark Stroud (haven't checked it out fully as yet as internet giving me gip and burbling to my invisa-readership seems more apt) but i did google Bob Mould and his album has been keeping me company. I WANT it. better go to zaavi on the way into work.

e) the fact that people don't have to be in eyeline to be important and shine in your life.

Sweet dreams my angels

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