Wednesday, April 30, 2008

blogadoodle doo

initially, as i may have mentioned about a bazillion times, generally in uncouth terms and using americanisations, which has some how seemed incumbent upon me as a nascient blogger, i was really sceptical about blogging (skeptical about blogging. or did i think it would be sceptic and get big and puss-filled? who can tell?)

Anyways, then, being entirely caught up in my so hectic merrygoround of a life, i found it really useful. Because i do try to avoid moaning my head off and being weak and rubbish to actual people and do abhor weakness in myself more than any other thing, except perhaps the strange dark hair i get to the left of my belly button piercing

yeah, i've chosen my new tattoo and the site for it. all i need now is the person to do the ink and a spare 3 hour window.
and then someone to help me put savlon on it for a couple of weeks coz it's gonna be a bit tricky. And stick to the bed sheets and my shirts and stuff.)
(and bizarrely even though i'm 33 it'll probably make my next of kin frown and scratch their heads and love me a little less in some profound way but there we go)
(children. We're such a worry. however old we become. however odd we become).

But anyway, bloggy doos has become a bit of an addiction. the rant blog is fabulous. Seeing the Doc do his rant blog and the clarity and the obscurity it engendered was inspirational and then i read a lot of clever bloggy ladies and i would blogroll them only the lay of of the code on this bad boy is weird to me and i can't quite figure out where it would go and then it's naff if they think you're rubbish and never even peek at you once, no? Or is it like the fact that you adore a band forever and buy all their stuff and go to all their shows but htey don't know you're alive in the world and it just doesn't matter?
Is it beholden on you to define yourself with cool links to the blogs of other cool bloggers?

what i actually came to say is: DoDo. Vaguely back in the sad-dle. Amen to the return to the screen but boo the park stalking bats in the belfry.

And now, back to the joys of obsessing about red heads. it's a time consuming job but hey, i can take one for the team.

Sidebar Two: All the red heads i know are ace and invariably v. creative and cool (with the odd IT geek/law enforcer thrown in, bien sur)

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