Friday, April 18, 2008

the cart can't even see the horse from there

but anyway, deciding that all other things being equal, and they give my dad the famous beeper, i want to talk to someone about living donor lobe transplantation.

Cost frankly, i'm probably not using all of my puff right now.
So i should be able to pull a bit of Shylock and hand it over, right?
i'm mean, i'm an adult. i don't have dependents (and it's not really on the cards) and given that, i ought to be allowed to harvest myself for the common good, particularly when it directly relates to my family, right?
we'll see.

I'm a big believer in regretting the things you've done, not the things you haven't done.
so assuming we have bone density, it's gotta be worth a chat.

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