Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Heros Part One

Ordinarily i'm pretty much against having heros. it's asking to get your heart torn out. and if you try to touch 'em you, the gilt might just come off on your fingers. But hey.
This man, over here, is a hero of mine. El Coxo.
you have just posted guitar tutorials on the internet. bloody marvellous.
that will be my present to myself when i get the next bit of my assignment out of the way.
i will then watch it a couple of times.
And when i complete the third assignment, i will permit myself to play along.
Why is he a hero? Unashamed stripey top fop, collector of shoes, hats and indeed denim. Camden dwelling caffeine addict, artistic pretentions and indeed capacities. all of these would qualify him and yet no. What makes him for me is his sweet capacity with the guitar. the total rockingness, the melancholy, the unbridled joy. There's something rude in there, playful, desperate, gut wrenching. And the marvellous glasses and unlikely voice. but i only really new about them after the guitar bit had crept into my sole.
Why he inverted my opinion of blur when his influence came more to the fore and then he just stuck that lo-fi solo number out there and i was SOLD.
don't bother to wrap it. overcoming personal demons was just the icing on the cake.
HOWEVER, because
a) i tad selfish
b) broadly musically talentless
c) missing your stylings like crazy
i would like you to put out another album.
i realise that you're a bit loved up and happy right now and that maybe your creativity is finding expression in other ways, but pleeeeeeaaasssseeeeeee

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