Sunday, April 13, 2008

I. Cannot. Do. This

It's so trivial and unimportant and matters to no one in the big grand scheme of things whether I do it or not but I
Do This

I can't write in management ese pod speke that fits neatly in 250 word segments and just spews out what a bunch of dohicky men who never worked in industry in their livesfor the most part but in stead wrote methods and theories and had crappy models that don't really quite fit anything but I'm supposed to quote and draw and HARVARD bloody reference.

This is ENGLAND.
i would like to Oxford reference or Cambridge reference. In fact, i'm not keen to reference at all because i'm a self opinionated arrogant bastard so i'd like to tell you what i actually think and how i'd actually approach things.
i guess maybe all these theories are useful to someone and yeah maybe some of the research has been helpful and made me think again but trying to write in this style is actually turning me into a basket case.

i knitted a scarf in under a week goddamit and never dropped a stitch. why is this soooooo hard?

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