Monday, April 28, 2008

Imaginary boyfriends, a retrospective

This was inspired by Mrs G of Derfwad Manor.

I don't know when the imaginary boyfriend thing started and i guess to many it would seem more than a little sad but anyway, from the time i laid ears to the Golden D by Graham Coxon, he was my imaginary boyfriend.
Initially, this was because of his incredible guitar powers and uber geek status. I just loved the lo-fi ness of it all and then i liked his shoes and discovered that he had a gazillion of them.
And gradually he became my imaginary boyfriend. I read stuff about him and by him and lurked on the forum like some bizarre stalker type person and went to live performances in tiny record stores.
It was the love that never spoke it's name
because, although i am entirely out of my tiny mind a lot of the time, i'm not actually bizarre enough to believe that i 'love' him or that a cruel twist of irony is all that kept us apart.
Rather, i admired where his musical influences took him and felt that the wiggles of his brain were interesting.
he's got a weird voice that seems somehow contrived at yet utterly believeable. He's addicted to caffeine and i believe he still smokes and i like that in person. the former i'm endorsing, although i'm decaffing at present which may be why i feel so darned lousy, and the latter i am trying to stay away from. But ohhhh, give me my sin again. if i had any right now i would go and sit on the back steps and puff away like crazy... but i'm sure that this house is clean. of cigarettes.
other than that it's actually somewhat fluffy but there you go.

If you zoom down to the heros posts i did a few weeks ago, you'll see El Coxo, as i like to think of him, in profile.

And there we go. He was my secret boyf.

And then i met him and talked about shoes with him for approximately 2 mins, as it seemed entirely OTT to say: "your music means a lot me" "you rock my world" or even 'you're my imaginary boyfriend'.

And the adoration continued. But then he got a real girl in the world and so i resigned my post.
And put him in a big box marked 'Things that are ace'.

it has taken a long while to fully commit to another imaginary boyfriend.

I have strong feelings about a variety of red heads, as discussed and Jason Flemyng is a strong contender.

As is Josh HOmme, (but then along came Brodie and that was that).

But in the end, after coming across his crooning in the HMV on Sherbrooke, Montreal, it gradually became apparent that David Ryan Adams would be the next possessor of the title Imaginary Boyf.
I like his rants and his rails and again, he has risen or at least begun to rise over his person demons to a new height. And then he started blogging. Which was fascinating and scary and some of it was a bit like the bits you put up with from people you like a lot and other bits were illuminating and challenging and ace. And now he's closed that door again.
But he keeps the title.

i feel i should qualify the above lunacy by saying:
i don't imagine living with them, or think about them in bed (i have to say that i do have salacious thoughts about Russell Brand. Although once he transmogrified in to Orlando Bloom part way through and i was soooo appalled i actually woke myself up).
i think about hanging out with them and listening to rants and contributing and weird shopping and random things.
i also don't imagine that i become their muse and i join the band or any of that.

i keep that one for the Kings of Leon, with whom i will inevitably appear on Jonathan Ross and cover Johnny Cash's Jackson.

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