Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A typical london tale of markets, theatres, bondage shops and knitting

so every now and then i hie on out of work of a lunch time.
today i was on a knitting mission (yes, i knit. i also have a rocking chair and a guitar. no there are NO Val Doonican genes that i'm aware of).
i ventured to I Knit London which used to be in Vauxhall and is now in Waterloo, doncha know, Napoleon.
It was almost a case of 'not tonight Josephine' as i can't believe that yet another yarn store is manned by another falsetto sotto voiced v. un girl friendly bear of a man (loop in Angel is similar)(i may have to resort to Liberty)(i want to live there). however, the needles were wooden, the wool was hand dyed and time is short if i'm going to turn skeins in to balls and plough through this project as well as completing my marketing assignments, before my auntie's birthday (she's artisanal, so she'll appreciated it. my mother would rather things came with washing instructions and openly finds me knitting hilarious. Go figure out the gene pool folks)

But really, what i liked was that Lower Marsh is home to:
Cubana - funky looking Cuban eaterie
it looks onto the Old Vic and the New Vic theatres
There is a market.
it sells fruit, weird clothes, fab jerk products, thai food.
there are 2 v. french food shops - Casse Croute which is literally -break your hunger - which seemed cafe-esque and 'Traiteur' which looked like a butchers.
All things that are v. pleasing.
there was an iceland and a Greggs Bakers.
and of course, Skin 2, the bondage shop.
Also the cleanest emporium on the street. Wipe down, innit.
It felt like a real london street. A couple of pubs, a variety of folks, a silver jewellery shop, a posh card shop. Proper book shop and cheapy bookshop.
i love this city

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