Monday, May 26, 2008


is a trap.

it traps you and it traps your loved ones.

This was supposed to be a merry recap of strange episodes as a result of horticulture, with a review of 2 days at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Instead, i've spent a reasonable amount of time wondering if i'll ever know with certainty if my mum had a mini stroke on Friday night after dessert but before coffee.

i'm here to tell you that if you come to the UK on a Bank Holiday, really really make sure you skip the part where something goes pear shaped and you sit in freezing cold accident and emergency for 6 hours.
it takes the shine right off your day.

it is also like an advert forall thethings that could go wrong with you life, as you attempt not to make eye contact with the wretched and bleeding, or the drunk and stroppy or the injured and alone.

I also don't recommend engaging in this activity after about 4 hours sleep.

if you're sensible, you also won't then embark on a 3 hour drive with a further 3 hours sleep under your belt.

lest an entire day slides slowly past you and your cold gets worse.

Other than that, and being repeatedly called a liar by my father who was very annoyed that he wasn't dragged out of his bed so that he could have a panic attack with his diminished breathing capacity all on his own in the middle of the night.

i feel we may well hear more on this subject for a number of months.

tra la la.

It's always good to spend time with your family though ,eh

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