Wednesday, May 14, 2008

technology hasn't speeded up test results

My lovely friend oop north had a lot of trials last year in the making my god son a sibling department. There was grief and stress and poor interaction points with staff that ought to know better coming on top of the vagueries of nature leading to stress and despair.

Then with 08 came the sunshine and double bountifulness, in the shame of a tummy full of twins.

and so the beginning had all gone swimmingly.
Only now there's a possible indictor for cystic fibrosis, in both babies.

it takes 3 weeks to test. 3 weeks.

i'm not sure we weren't better off before technology could shove a bunch of maybes at us.

so folks, have a word upstairs and see if this one could work out as a totally misleading bit of info, eh?

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