Monday, June 02, 2008

If you were interviewing yourself, what would you ask?

So HerImperialMajesty, where did ya grow up?

In the land of Shire, Nottingham-shire to be precise.

I am, not to be too Ryan O'Neal about it, a coal miner's daughter.
I have indeed spent some time underground.
I have spent more time on the [london] underground and admiring all that is underground [scene-wise].

So, when all did ya grow up?
I'll keep you posted if it happens. But let's put it like this.
  • The teens were mostly Shire
  • The Tweens were an odd mix of Leeds, Northern France, Leeds, Germany, Shire and the illustrious wonder that is North London.
  • Then i hit the dirty 30s and knew that i will not never ever outgrow our nation's great capital. I could consider Montreal. Or New York City. Or Paris. But i really do believe that when I'm tired of London, it's time to put up my boots.
  • I'm currently at the age of adulthood for a hobbit (we'll get to the high nerd points in a moment)
  • Sadly, i will outgrow that this year. On the plus side though, i'll be in darkest Peru when i do so yay me.
Is it true this'll be the first year in 5 years you're not at work on your birthday?
It surely will, although for some 'trekking' isn't a holiday activity. Weirdos.
Best working birthday was Montreal for the big 3-0.

Skipping on to the incredible acquisition of nerd points?
Man, it's hard to tell what I would score most for...
I had space lego as a child. I was relatively obsessed.
I had darth vader in the bath and i still have my original lightsabre torch.

At this point I should make it clear that I am not a sci fi geek.
(Although I have seen all of the original Battlestar Galactica and I'm most of the way through the second series).

When I was a bairn at my father's knee, he told me tales of the Waggon Trail. So I am also a cowboy freak. One of my favourite books is an encyclopedia of the Wild West that my Great Uncle got from the Reader's Digest.

I know quite a lot about the Battle of the Little Big Horn, as my amazed housemates were startled to learn when we were watching University Challenge and Custer came up.

I read the Lord of the Rings about once a year. It is possible that i made it through most of it (and i do mean all three books) over the past 4 days whilst i've not been able to sleep because of my cold.

At this point I should mention that I learned Icelandic from JRR Tolkien's colleague, in the very department in which he used to teach Old Norse. Not that my obsession has gone too far by any means

I also know a disgustingly large amount about Saga literature and can quote from some ancient old Norse texts. Gosh. I'm such a wow at parties.

Basically, i'm just like everyone else - i love what i love in a super bizarre way. And if i'm not interested in it, but you are and will talk about with passion and verve, then i'm interested in it.
And if not, we'll just let it slide.

So what's with the unplayed guitars?
I am basically massively mad about music in an 'it's like oxygen' kind of a way. it turns out however that there might not be such a thing as a natural guitarist. And if there is, I am not ONE. And it turns out that I don't like sucking at stuff.

So my desire to improve and my ability to tolerate how bad I am at everything remain at war.
And so I have run away temporarily.

I have however just downloaded something that means that my Squier Strat, Myles (yes, I know, more geek points) and I are about to put in a little quality time.
i'm nervous, my palms are sweaty. I may need coffee support.

Because the time has come for me to commit to this particular dream. That way I can buy myself something WAY COOL at the Guitar Show in a couple of weeks time. (I know, UBER GEEK points for guitar show but see if I care. I LOVE IT. and Ywangwie Malmsteen will be there. Google him. The word is Spandex).

Here concludes HerImperialMajesty101 for the day

Although i must add:
I completely and utterly despise the misuse of appostrophes and the mis spelling of the word 'definitely'.

Hasta luego my beauties

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BipolarLawyerCook said...

Nerd points if you are able to drop in upon Paddington's auntie while you are celebrating your birthday.