Sunday, June 15, 2008

Meet the family

This is Myles.
He's a Squier Stratocaster. He's an anniversary edition and he's got some lovely black hardware, including black machine heads (that's the twiddly bits for tightening and loosening the strings).

This is the Mighty Pinkness.
It followed me home from the Guitar Show a couple of years ago. It's the partial fulfilment of a dream, as it's an Applause, which is the basic line from Ovation. What it means is the back of this guitar is curved. It's rather nice to cuddle and it's got good tone.
At present the action is a bit high, which means that the strings are a bit too high off the fretboard (the bit where your fingers go to alter the note pitch). I've just bought some new strings which aren't so thick and once i get my essays handed in, I'll be re-stringing. One off, one on, to maintain the tension.
If that doesn't help, I'll take it to a professional.
Always a pain as guitar men oft don't take kindly to wimmin trespassing.
Which is an unfair generalisation, but there we go.
Yesterday I tried to get more information about a product I'll probably buy, which allows you to slow tracks down so that you can learn to play along by ear, amongst other great features.
However the guy was totally disinterested in me. He barely took the time to gesture in the general direction of the display, let alone to demonstrate it for me.
So I'll keep my 200 quid.

I include this shot as early evidence of my understanding of rock and roll.
Jaegermeister is really rather special and not for the faint hearted.
They sponsor a load of new bands which is pretty good.

This concludes guitar appreciation for the day

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