Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm going to type this quickly so that anyone it doesn't suit can just skim right on over it

What can i tell you?

A few facts:

I'm a thirty something chick.
i have tattoos. Only 2, it's true but their kindred is coming.
this doesn't make me interesting, or mysterious.
it is not ritualised self harm either that i'm aware.
it's just a personal taste thing that has been knocking around since i was a little kid going to canterbury market and getting a t shirt printed, pestering my dad to take me kayaking on the boating lake in the boats that looked like indian canoes and asking about the people with the drawings on their arms.

But i digress.

what i was actually going to say is. given that i'm single at present and therefore not getting any, sometimes, i use the mighty internet for purposes other than my mental growth and development.

I may pop by from time to time, to check out girls with punk hair (don't got that) and tattoos, getting it big style. Sue me. I have needs. I don't have an account or download.

And now, back to watching Private Practice on Regular TV. It's about babies getting swapped at the hospital.

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