Thursday, July 10, 2008


all deeper meanings aside, my truth is that i am so crap at study nowadays that i've been eying my masses of medication to try and work on the endo (not working, making me maudlin and wobbly) along with sharp kitchen implements, thinking to myself, hmmm, what would make a lot of the stuff that sucks right now go away?

I realise there are no answers there, by the way. it's just a couple of mind movies i've been running, as a distraction.

Good to know that currently i'm

  • so tired i don't remember what awake feels like
  • working the last day of my current contract and being made to bark like a dog for renewal
  • overdrawn. again. probably. i daren't check. how mature. ostrich.
  • out of ideas for cool birthday present for house mate
  • spotty
  • fat
  • devoid of exercise will-power when it's probably the only thing that might put life into context right now.
  • did i mention tired
  • having endo issues that keep nearly knocking me on my butt.
  • worried about my dad who's getting very angry about his missing words and general inability to use his huge vocabulary
  • worried about my mum who is bearing the brunt of it all and keeps getting headaches
  • just generally worried. about everything.
  • not really great at cleaning my teeth. it's like self harm for your gums. nice.

i'm going to bed now. sleep should regenerate me.

peace out folks. there's good stuff in the world, i know. i just need to put new batteries in my torch for the dark times right now.

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