Friday, July 25, 2008

The rougher elements of school

School. It's a long way behind me and I broadly have fond memories.

There were bits I didn't like (maths, cliques, PE) but more things that I did - art, hanging out, break time, learning French.

But to return briefly to cliques. I am beginning to hear a bit from mothers of school age children that the cliques didn't end at the school gates but rather that a super powered gauntlet version now occurs on the outside.

I don't like the sound of that.

As I reflected last night though, our office has got that school mentality too. there's a clique here. I'm not in it.
I wasn't in school either.
And I was happy to be a geek then. So I guess I'll find my happy with being the outsider here too.

it momentarily put me off my stride.

But then I remembered, happiness is the freedom to be chose what you're going to be slave to.

Gimme choices, always gimme choices.

Everybody free free free ;O)

Oh and those mean girls who are giving you the once over, they're actually dazzled by the thought of independent thought and simple happiness.

They probably don't hear the musicality in the wind rustling the leaves on the tree or the joy in laughing til your face aches.

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