Sunday, October 05, 2008

5k ass project

I'm a sloth.

I am sloth even.

While others have been bevering away feverishly, I've been trying to eat my fears and tiredness away.

CAns of full fat coke. Chocolate bars. Pastries. It's not pretty.

I won't photograph it, in case my new camera's wide angle isn't up to it.

Bizarrely, i have also been doing some exercise.

Although i guess going through the tub of Ben and Jerry's caramel choo choo earlier, picking out the chocolate bits doesn't count as exercise.

Still, this week is all about walking to work in my new jacket, which is a lovely shade of green and makes me feel all Sherwood Forest-y.

which is all around where I'm from. the Major OAk - big tree you hide in. not any more coz it's fenced off but still.

Which does mean that from time to time people ask if i'm Maid Marion (this makes me laugh as it's a restaurant as far as i'm concerned)

This is Marion in the latest BBC series

As you can see, she's one hot tamale.
Sad to tell, things didn't go super well for Marion and Robin while they were in the Promised Land looking for Richard the Lionheart. I will not say more, in case you watch it.

Robin is sadly a bit on the pious side. Jonas who plays him is lovely, right enough, but still. He is out swashbuckled by the dastardly Sir Guy of Gisbourne. Who is all in dark leather, with a Leicestershire accent (see, i'm feeling better already). He is a bit ineffective, largely because he's got his britches in a twist over the aforementioned Marion. Sadly this leads him into some VERY self destructive behaviour.
The sort of thing that puts my sometime over eating self harm into context entirely.

There are some great episodes. It's perfect family TV for 6.30pm on a Sunday.

Although there's a roomer that Robin is leaving. Surely a potential death knell for a the continuing series...?

But this aside, as I'd like to bag one who's a bit like a Guy. With silver fox potential and a certain glitter in his eye. A dark side. But plenty of humour.
Preferably a nice level of gingerness but then, we can't have everything...

And i'll need to modify the lumpyness of Maj offering a bit. Not tonnes. Just getting back to normal exercise and dining habits.

So, off to fajitaville, also known as the kitchen ;o)

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Linda said...

That fat sloth on the sofa next to you, snarfing down Ben & Jerry's watching the boob tube? That would be me. Yea, I crashed and burned on the Ass Project weeks ago and have been stuffing my face ever since. Wish I could get it together here too.