Friday, October 10, 2008

Nearly time to go!

for those of you who came in late, i'm off to South America tomorrow. Yeah, I'm not long back from the Caribbean, but that was work and this is the fulfilment of a long held wish.
How dangerous is that? How fun, how amazing, how tra la la!

I cannot believe that the time has finally come.
It's going to be very cool.

I hope i have the right clothes. i hope i have the right constitution. I hope I'm meeting some great people.

But mostly at this stage, I hope to have seen a llama by lunchtime on Sunday.
What can I tell you? I'm a woman of exacting tastes and expectations.

Right now, i'm a woman who hasn't finished packing her hand luggage and is mildly concerned that her main bag may be too heavy, even though there isn't all that much in there. Hey ho.

So. Either I'll be blogging my socks off in 17 days time.
Or I'll catch you from a different time zone. Yipeeeeeeeee!


Linda said...

Wow! Have a great time!

dodo said...

i miss you. i miss morning texts. i spoke to your dad this mornign. his speech sounds much better. did i mention i miss you? hope you're having a wonderful time x