Sunday, November 09, 2008

Not a post for those on a downer

Picture your life as a series of great, almost insurmountable hurdles. YOu know the days that I mean. When getting dressed really seems to have taken all that you have to give and getting down the stairs seems like a commitment you're just not ready to make.

Or imagine the catalogue of things that you have been putting off to do later, when you retire, when you've got more money or just more time.

Can you see them? The gazelles roaming on the Masai Mara?
The penguins in the ice floes?
Can you see the fall colours of Canada?
Your old friends who emigrated to Sydney standing on the bridge?
The bike you bought after a Center Parcs visit?

Now picture your living room. And imagine that's the size of your world.

Picture never being able to storm from the room in temper and resoundingly slam the door again, because you can't breath well enough to get up a head of steam to storm any where.

And will the door actually slam, given that your oxygen tube is trailed all round the doorway.

And not quite catching what people say, ever.
And then not quite saying what you think you are, most of the time either.

But your heart's still beating.
So you do what you can.

And your family looks on. And tries to understand you and tries to help you and tries to make it better.

And this is why all the petty bullshit in the world is really too much for me right now. I will not deal with it.
It's time for things like that to go, to make space for the more important stuff. Don't ya think?

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