Monday, December 08, 2008

siempre BCN

Small pause and rewind to say that once again, Barcelona was a city of immense fabulousness, even the night when i got lost in a dodgy bit of town by the station and walked for ages to end up the opposite end of the beach to where the restaurant i was supposed to have been at was. Suffice to say that 25 people had to wait dinner on me. I really strode to get there and they made me eat a spiny sea urchin.

it was, for the record, like a mixture of tomato paste and salt water.

another thing i'm not allergic too, it seems. although i'm carrying the stupid injector pen with me everywhere, just in case. I'm determined not to use it.
Take that anaphylaxis, or however you spell it.

Right, advanced teeth cleaning for girls. Don't leave the tap running, eco buddies. just once at the beginning to get foam and then at end.

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