Monday, February 02, 2009

From the frozen wastelands

that are our nation's great capital. On this, our February snow day.
I am still in mild shock that we got a WHOLE day off out of it. I confess, I did dedicate part of that day off to watching an old re-run of One Tree Hill the early years and indeed to a short afternoon nap but i'll have you know that i've been hard at the research for the rest of the day.
Yes indeed, while the rest of the world frolicked in the snow, i've been being a total nerd and reading notes and getting stuff ready for the CIM. mostly from on top of the duvet, with the heating on but still, mildly worthy stuff all aimed at putting me well ahead for friday's big writing day.

Snow has basically shut the city down. Even Boris' hair couldn't compete. The congestion charge was cancelled.
There was not a bus to be had in this fair city of ours. Most tube lines were partially shut down.
We just don't do snow.
WE haven't even gritted the roads or pavements - who's muppet idea was that, given that they forecast this snow about 5 days ago and spent all last week talking about it in grave tones?
In what way did that not transfer to some forward planning.
'well, if like New York (yes Boris, we all know you were born in New York, the Big Apple, etc etc) we had regular snow, we would have a ploughing strategy'.

Well yes, but then again, everything from rain to the wrong type of leaves shuts down our transport systems, so there you go.

I'd like to thank the weather for today. It's been a blast.
i took a little walk, it was great, pretty, bitingly cold.
i've had a good survey of the snow through the windows and i'm on track for my assignments. Now that's what I call a good day folks
online snowballs are the best - un duckable and no chilly aftershock

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