Friday, February 06, 2009


I went on a date this week, as we have already established. With a fine young man with something about him, who was interesting, articulate and something of a thinker.

He also had rather large teeth. I too have big teeth and indeed the world's largest bottom so i'm standing in rather a big green house making that statement but there it is.

I mentioned it in passing to my lovely house mate who has taken to saying
'well, you could alway marry Hoss' as a comparative statement.

It makes me roar with laughter.

however I do have to pause to observe - i've been on a few nice dates now.
But they don't lead to a repeat viewing.
i have no compunction to contact them and they have no compunction to contact me.
Ever again.

Which somehow starts to feel like that's how it will always be.
And surely the internet dating was supposed to me feel like there was a world of possibilities out there?

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