Monday, February 16, 2009

howies - ethical clothes for messing about in

I love the idealogy of howies. I loved it back when David Hiatt who started it was still a big advertising guru in these parts and had a company called anti corps along side his street brand, which was in part I feel a savvy way of getting the opinions and hearts and minds of early adopters and innovators - a ground floor window to the in crowd.

So i love their stuff. I get the catalogue, i visit the shop. I've bought t shirts, base layers and that's about it coz sadly they stop at a 16 and I don't.

So finally, after gazing lustfully on jeans and jackets I'll never get done up, I've emailed about it:

Hey there, purveyors of fine quality ethically kind goods.

I've been wondering a couple of things about you for sometime now.
Uno - just who is bigger than you in clothing in Cardigan? (too too clever)
Dos - why you don't want me to buy your clothes?

You're a flag i'd like to fly.

I chuckle at your t shirts and buy them for friends. I have even squeezed my bust into a couple but truthfully, I'm not a sixteen.

My back bumper would make a Megane proud, I've got a tiny waist with knockers from a Carry On film.

My winsome design and build make me ideal for a tavern wench in a vampire film.

But that kind of action's a bit thin on the ground in Islington, so instead there's roaming exploratory walks of this fair city in all weathers and ups and downs in my beloved Peak District, the odd bit of Inca Trail when finances and holidays permit, along with regular running on Hampstead Heath.

It's not a bad old life for performance wear in my arsenal.
And you make great stuff.
Only it won't zip up and boys things hang too long on my pigmy arms and bunch up.

So I'm hoping 2009 will be the year you do a pair of loose fit girly jeans in an 18.

And maybe one jacket.As well as more things in the line of the Do lectures.

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