Monday, February 16, 2009

The Reader

STep one: go to visit friend with twins and 4 year old. Offer to babysit
Step Two: end up going to the cinema with your friend instead. Result!

It was a choice been Tom Cruise as a Nazi and Kate Winslet as concentration camp guard, so a merry night was always on the cards.
NAturally, our Kate one the day, largely because there's something inately comedic about Tom Cruise in an eye patch.

Lytham St Annes has a tiny cinema over a bowling alley and venturing there with a local teacher was fun, as local youths paused to stare at our great agedness and discuss whether that really could be Miss as surely she lives in a cupboard at school.

I have to say I think i might have given her a BAFTA for the performance. I'd certainly have given one to her nipples.

Let's just take a non-lesbo moment to consider Winslet in the bufty, in the filmic sense. From all girl shenanigans in Heavenly Creatures, Rose Dawson's 'do me like your French ladies', a spot of Harvey Keitel in Hideous Kinky and the Readers offering, we're all rather au fait with the tetons de Winslet. The strangely madonna-esque underwear of the Reader drew attention to them, more so than when they were revealed.
Kate has a peachlike bum.

Let these facts be noted in your book of memory. Then we can get back to the rather cracking story.

Definitely a BAFTA for David Kross. His youthful looks and Harry Potter-esque age are totally belied by his performance which is so understated as to look like a snapshot of his actual adolescence. THe only thing that could have improved on him for me is if he'd been speaking in his native German. But then I find there's a cadence in German. A musicality that's overlooked because the vowels are harsher. But that's just me.
His silent passion and confusion were a total contrast for Fiennes battened down bland contribution. Only when he was acting out the books for the tape did a glimmer of light shine through.

Marvellous stuff, calling up thoughts of a nation's collective consciousness of their actions and the need to have someone to blame and someone to grant absolution.
Not least the dangers of illiteracy, a subject that I feel most passionately about.

Go see it

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