Monday, February 02, 2009

Wardrobe crisis 200220002221

Tomorrow we have permission to be in the office in NON BUSINESS ATTIRE.

As the 'most flamboyant dresser in the office'

(which they think is a bad thing and I think is a) frankly amazing - i totally don't dress at all how I would like to - i acutally tone it down b) positively frighening given that i can often see one of my colleagues' bras through all of her clothers and the other one's thong through what ever mis matched colour ensemble has savaged her that day.)

I take this as something of a challenge.

I blew a stack of cash on some new items on Friday however 'snow chic' wasn't on my mind.

so now I have a huge problem - tomorrow night I have a date. that's not a problem, it's a good thing. It has increased my smile factor enormous much.

But Snow clothes aren't the most flattering.

I think he's a totally hotty and am liking his brain enormous much by email.

But I really feel I need to conjure more of a mystery before I appear as a yeti. (see picture in previous post for my v. flattering 'brr it's freezing' attire.)(tres chic and slimming, i'm sure you agree). (plus I get to have hat hair. nice.) (boys only get helmet hair. where is the justice?)

I may have to cart a small suitcase through the snow. With a selection of outfits.

It's either that or the world's thickest tights and highly unsuitable shoes for snow and one of the aforementioned in passing new skirts. Which is crazy because i'll only fall on my bottie on some ice and end up wet.
I mean really. Would I want him to think i'm so dumb I'd wear kitten heels in snow?
Or do i want to be short and in hiking boots because I am so darned practical?
See, I haven't even met him in person yet and it's already ludicrously complicated.

I told you I'm not great at the boy stuff.

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