Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Inspired by Mrs G and the new Women's Colony

I'm taking a moment to consider what pulled me through February, short as it is.

Evidently, there are various folks to go on this list - some are under 6 and others are over 50, such is the way off life. Some are twins, some are not built to last.

But on to inanimate stuff

I think I could actually make pancakes my mission statement. It's hard to be sad in world where such yummies exist.

Biffy Clyro. Someone out there knows how where I am. And can understand the rage, helpness, fear and overwhelming sadness. With just a touch of hope. This too may pass, someone may shine a torch on your life again.

It's a noisy mash up and I love it

May I have a steady stream of trashy romance novels please? Thank you kindly.

I'd quite like to be a Trill please. Cool spots and multiple lives with all the memories. Imagine the pain and the joys. Ahh.

I am joining in tomorrow, having reassured myself that this is not a load of old bibble.
Hello March. I'm sort of ready for you.
And maybe a little more ready for the world than I've been for a while.

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