Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The opening panel of my graphic novel

Will imitate life perfectly....

As I saw the perfect thing the other day and it's been firmly lodged in my brain ever since

There I was, striding back from the other corner shop (not the big one, the little one, where the man is either watching bloomberg tv in Turkish, or the football, or from time to time and far more entertainly, some sort of Turkish Days of our Lives, which looks like an absolute corker).
Anyway, I digress, I was striding back from the shop and there she was.

Tiny tiny lady, with lots of dark hair and an incongruous Afghan hound at her side. in her non-lead hand: the world's largest, most beaten up metal baseball bat. She was waggling it with insoucience.

I do realise the following:
Afghans are sighthounds and like Irish Wolfhounds, they are mighty tall
She was super tiny
Ergo the dichotomy in height was a visual treat.

I also realise the bat could have been entirely innocent - big dog, runs far, tiny woman may not throw as far - give her a bat and she'll out do Babe Ruth.

Or maybe she's had an unpleasant dog walking experience.

But to me, they'll always just be the incredible first panel of my graphic novel.

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