Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bridge building 101

So, apparently, it's time for me to build a bridge

With the clique at work.

Taking them one by one.

How lovely.
It's like school again where someone tells you its great to stand up to bullies but you know it's just a series of black eyes and more of the same in the making.

So what I really have to do is learn to be a better actress.

Oh and grow the skin of a rhinoceros, so that all this 'constructive' criticism won't make such an impression.

Yes. I take things personally. I am, after all, a person. And you are, after all, sticking the boot in.

AS the Ferengi say

The Wider the Smile, the Longer the Knife.

I'm trying to rise above it, like Elpheba. But I spy pitchforks and torches in the distance.

I'm just not sure why.

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