Wednesday, April 29, 2009

how do you solve a problem like Maria?

have you ever felt your calling?
No, me either. But come Sunday, it'll be Sister Imperial Majesty, all the way.
Well, all the way to the 4 mile finish at least.
(nb I am available for communal wine (whine?) and (ice cream) wafers after)
I haven't even put my habit on yet and already I've been doing good works in the community, scooping up an injured cyclist and working with another traveller to get her and her bike in a taxi and home.
Frankly, I've done insufficient training, even for 4 miles. But the weight of the sponsor money will spur me on.
As will the knowledge that if I ever fell off my bike at a busy junction, ordinary folk would dash out and help make it all right.
Peace out people, and be good to one another

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