Friday, April 03, 2009

"miss you like a fat kid misses cake"

This joyful quotation is from my lovely friend Seriously, who currenlty resides in New Zealand (or En Zed as we're calling it).

He has IT.
Is it an innate love for live? Does his inner goodness just shine through? Whatever it is, he's someone who makes a ton of friends wherever he goes and is a little shining beacon of joy to all he meets.

Frankly, I miss him like plum crazy. And it is his birthday. Happy Twenty Six honey! Wise beyond your years and fabulous beyond all measure.

(I have to say that I was super blessed by a major UK travel operator, which gave me to excellent amigos one year, merely by putting us all on the same trip to CAnada. We went to different provinces and then met up for 4 final days in Vancouver. There were hundreds of folk there but you can't keep good kindreds down, I find.)

I hadn't actually realised how a daft text message, equivalent to the subject line here, could totally turn a rubbish day around.

Or that in many respects, that's the vibe I'm looking for from a partner.
That 'you rock me world', 'you're fabulous', 'it's us against the world' and 'you're a bit odd sometimes but I love you anyway' feeling. A certain lust for life, a cheekiness of smile.

I am gifted at ending up with those kind of friends.
Yep. My cup runneth over.

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