Sunday, April 26, 2009

So don't hate me but

i stayed in bed today until a little before 2pm.
There was intense gravity in my region. Someone definitely monkeyed with the fields in the vacinity of my bed.
I wasn't asleep.... all the time.
I also re-read Jilly Cooper's Polo.
It made me day dream about Argentina, which is quite an achievement when you've never been.

But I used to ride when I was younger so I could envision fine horse flesh pounding through the pampas and thinking of toned golden latino thighs encased in jodphur is never a hard ship for me.

In fact I might go and google some polo right now.

I felt weird all day.
Out of sort.

And i'm not hungry at the moment.
Like, ever. Suddenly I have a one hour window a day for actually being hungry.
ANyway, piece out folks

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