Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Gentlemen who advance denim's cause - let's list a few. Just for FUN

As I sit half watching CSI Miami, my eye alights on John Schneider. Thus I was inspired to bring you a few men who have advanced denim's cause.

So let's start with Beau Duke.
When that good old boy swang his rather fine ass through the window of the General Lee, it wasn't just welded up front doors that were on this girl's mind.
He defined lovely before I knew what it was.

Even with Farrah hair.

One day, young ladies, you will be watching trash TV and discover that Clark Kent's DAD is the object of your daydreams.

Tommy used to work on the docks, you know
Jon once popped through the floor of the auditorium in jeans so tight he must have been sown into them seconds earlier. He then flew and there were fireworks. I was 12.
Frankly I've never looked back.
And once again, Jon's allure is growing with age.

J names continued:

Jensen must sleep in Tupaware as he doesn't seem to have aged a day since I first clapped eyes on him.
I am v. partial to the Dean Winchester version.
Although the real life version gives good quotations:
'Being from Texas, I favour jeans and boots'.
I may have to RELOCATE to Texas post-haste. Bring on the jeans and boots please.

And may I just say
Thelma and Louise knew what they were doing, even if he was a little light fingered.

Also Brad:
I like your wife
(Ms Jolie isn't a film quotation)

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