Sunday, August 02, 2009

Dating in the Noughties

It's a weird world. Who knew we'd post ourselves on the net and hope for interested parties to get in touch?
How could this work?
Would it be better or worse than dark dingy clubs and beer as a strategy? Frankly I don't remember, it's been half a decade since I pulled in a club, which is a shameful thing to say because comparatively, I'm not even that old.

I don't think I've been having my quota of goes, as it were.
I may be woefully behind on that sort of thing.

And yet although I like the idea of scrapping some of the mechanics of moving to the rumpy pumpy part of it all, I really don't want to go online to see pictures of someone I might like to get intimate with's willy.
Is that sexy in 2009?
Not for me folks. No no no.
Likewise, there will be no photographing of naked breasts and emailing. NO.

Is that what this is?
Like one of those old school menus in country's where you don't speak the language or know the alphabet where you just point at the desired dish?
something in that is lacking for me.

I might have to get back to my knitting instead.

Peace out folks

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