Saturday, January 09, 2010

Real life

So i was talking to my esteemed amigo
Who had a relationship go south pre Christmas

And it turns out that despite his massive self esteem issues, etc, he had in fact lied to his chica and run around on her.

Is this the norm nowadays?
Speaking as someone who went for drinks and flirtation with someone they believed was on the market, followed by boy instigated snogging and walking home, and indeed fondling.
So i was rather shocked to learn that this man has a present incumbant. Living in his house.
And even more so that they're engaged. WTF? Is that how it works now?
you change your mind a bit or just decide to keep your options open?
Weird. That's what it is.

Lord knows I'm super greedy and my moral standards can work flexi BUT if i'm with someone, i'm just with them. And when I'm done, i try to make sure they're the 2nd person to know. AT least the 3rd. Not just running concurrently as different option for Wednesdays or the like.

Time for another cracker? Nope. thanks to Paul McKenna, I know that i'm actually full, despite the presence of more crackers, cheese and butter in front of me.
This eating when you're hungry, eating what you want to eat, taking the time to enjoy it and stopping when you've had enough is quite cunningly simple so far.

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