Monday, March 29, 2010

Grief doesn't make you any less horrid

I'm a horrid and bad person.
i noticed one of my acquaintances had friended another of my acquaintances from yesteryear.
So i went for a nosey.
And discovered that this dude is now married.
And instead of thinking 'how nice that he's in a good place', I actually thought 'hmph, how come everyone else is getting snapped up like hot cakes and i'm not even as popular as free horse dung for your roses in the romance stakes'.

Which goes to show that egomania is rife, particularly when your place in the grand scheme of things seems to be getting smaller and narrower and less easily felt all the time.

Ah. Woe is me.

This could all of course just be oven cleaner fumes, as I just mister muscled my oven. Having moved in in 2006, I'm sure you'll agree, it was becoming a necessity.

Either that or the might prevarication is rearing its ugly head as I try to get various elements of my life back under control

Peace out people. May your washing machine never chew your favourite T shirt

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