Thursday, April 22, 2010

head on backwards

you know you've got your head on backwards when:

you shut the door to the lounge bit of your suite without realising this will lock it shut so you can't open it AND before you've checked you took your only pair of shoes out

you get to the station and buy a ticket to Leeds, when you're supposed to be going to York

you open your suitcase to get out your lovely white shirt for the evening and find you've left it on the lovely white bed spread of the previous hotel you checked into.
And that so pristinely white was it that house keeping have taken it with the laundry.
To Bishop Auckland.
But also that the lovely house keeper will post it to you.
Just NOT for this evening.

you consider doing this evening's event in the nice TT Races t shirt you've bought your mum but conclude that convention dictates you stick with today's shirt and jacket.
Ah well x

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